High Quality Wooden Cutouts for All of Your Crafting Projects

wooden 15 inch hand made crafting round cutout for decorating art project
Versatility Unleashed: Craft Beyond Boundaries!
Looking to get truly creative? Our collection goes beyond crafting rounds. Explore a world of possibilities with our diverse range of hand made wooden cutouts—each one a doorway to endless decor possibilities. Whether it's transforming your living space or adding a personal touch to gifts, our cutouts are your key to unlocking a realm of crafty magic.

Our Happy Crafters

"I would highly recommend this product!! It was the perfect cutout to work with and literal perfection!!! I am over the moon with it. The price for this product is a steal for the quality you get!"

"Every so often, I come across a company that is clearly guided by a desire to produce the very best. C-Squared Rustic, to me, is the perfect example of such a company. I can't wait to get my hands on another crafting round, I'm sure it won't be long."

"Amazing service and fast shipping. I needed the size altered a bit and they were more then happy to do it for me. Very much appreciated!!


"Amazing quality! Fast turnaround for being handmade! USA made! These rounds are perfect for crafting!" 


"Seller graciously sped up order to accommodate a going away party"


Crafting Blanks for All Occasions

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router in motion cutting wood for a crafting project

High Quality Hand Made Crafting Material

High Quality Wood
Hand Crafted with Care
Affordable Premium Products
decorated round wooden cutout for home decor
Wooden crafting cutout decor Christmas design art project
wooden crafting cutout decorated for home decor
Wooden cutout for crafting art home decor projects