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Unlock Your Creativity with High-Quality Wooden Cutouts for Crafting and Art Projects. Our premium wood cutouts are made with care here in the USA. We take pride in every piece that we put out and guarantee quality.

In the heart of North Augusta, South Carolina, Augusta Carve stands as a haven for craft enthusiasts, embodying the essence of joyful creativity. Founded in 2017 by woodworking hobbyists turned entrepreneurs, we built this business from a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to personalized warmth.At Augusta Carve, crafting goes beyond mere projects; it's about curated excellence. Carefully handpicking the finest materials, our store offers a trendsetting selection that caters to diverse design preferences. Our precision-cut shapes speak to a niche of customers who appreciate the artistry and timeless elegance embedded in every piece. The vibe is all about laid-back inspiration and community connection. Customers, whether seasoned crafters or beginners, find a welcoming space where creativity flows effortlessly. Augusta Carve's commitment to a customer-centric experience is evident through interactive workshops, exclusive community discounts, and featured maker spotlights that showcase the inspired creations of our patrons.Augusta Carve's journey from crafting custom wood American Flags to becoming a thriving hub for craft supplies mirrors the evolution of a passion-driven business. Rooted in a charming town, this business has not only flourished but has become a beacon of community, belonging, and patriotic spirit, bringing people together through the art of crafting.

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