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Augusta Carve

Circular wooden base for crochet basket

Circular wooden base for crochet basket

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Circular wooden bases for crochet baskets in variety of sizes. These wooden bases are great to create your own home storage baskets.

The wooden bases provide stability and structure to crochet baskets, making them ideal for home storage solutions. Plus, with the versatility of crochet patterns and colors, you can customize them to match your home decor perfectly. It's a practical and stylish way to keep your space organized while adding a personal touch.

Choose the size from the drop down menu, please.

Available as individual sizes or in sets.

Maple plywood
Thickness: 6mm
Diameter of the hole: 10 mm.
Not varnished

Processing time 4-5 business days

Wooden bases not only speed up your crochet but save yarn as well, so you can create even more baskets! The different base sizes let you create beautiful basket sets. So useful to store cosmetics, jewelry and more.

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